Diddy was the talk of the day on Monday following raids on his mansions in Los Angeles and Miami. Overall, these raids shocked fans.

However, given the claims made against him, they make a lot of sense. His sons were imprisoned during the raids, and rumors began to circulate on social media. For example, some people obtained supposed flight logs for his private jet. According to these documents, the music mogul was traveling to Cape Verde to avoid extradition.

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However, these claims became more intriguing when TMZ reported that Diddy’s private jet was on the ground in Antigua. This was followed by a report that found no indication he was even on the plane. Just a few hours later, TMZ released video from the Miami-Opa Locka executive airport. In this video, Diddy can be seen pacing outside. According to the tale, the musician was aboard a private jet waiting for his entourage to arrive. However, Homeland Security arrived, and he had to leave the plane.

As TMZ reported, Diddy was not arrested or jailed. The artist’s current whereabouts are unknown. He has yet to make a comment, and many continue to believe he is on the run. It should be underlined that allegations that he is on the run are absolutely false. However, that is a story that social media is going with, and it will be difficult to control those sentiments. Only time will tell what happens next.