50 Cent is far from done trolling in the wake of the newest Diddy allegations: a federal raid on his mansions in New York, California, and Miami as part of a sex trafficking probe.

Furthermore, they’ve been at odds for a long time, despite the fact that it was once a relatively minor competition between two hip-hop moguls. Now that the as-yet unsubstantiated rumors surrounding Sean Combs are being scrutinized more openly than ever, the G-Unit rapper is more than willing to taunt and clown him on a regular basis, whether in serious or not. For example, one of his latest Instagram postings alludes to one of his earlier feuds with New York’s top rappers.

“Has anybody seen J?” LOL [laughing emoji] Puff stated that the [ninja emoji] isn’t answering his phone. LOL,” 50 Cent captioned a photo of Jay-Z’s missing ad on a carton of milk. Of course, this isn’t the only joke he’s made about Diddy’s charges, which have been fueled even more by the raid news. While some fans love Fif’s Instagram pranks, others are wary about joining in these talks over a far more serious subject. However, other major industry figures may offer a more melancholy take on this, but we doubt he will be the first.

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Furthermore, this relates to 50 Cent’s well-documented feud with Jay-Z, which isn’t exactly a hotly contested hip-hop quarrel. Competition is an important component of these moguls’ behavior near one another, as the former has always emphasized against Hov and Puff. In general, the Queens native is considerably more combative, and he isn’t hesitant to incite controversy online in order to get under their skin. Still, this serves as a reminder that the Roc Nation CEO has remained silent on the Diddy problem, but to be fair, he has been silent on pretty much everything lately.

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As a result, it’s difficult to predict if more of music’s elite would respond to these heinous allegations, whether unprompted or solicited. Maybe next time, the BMF CEO will bring in his fight with Rick Ross, another rap mogul. Whatever he uploads next, we’re certain it will be another troll with every imaginable target under the sun.