The music scene has changed dramatically as technology advances, and while many of these developments make it easier for consumers to acquire music, few of them assist the artists who create our favorite songs.

Many celebrities, including James Blake, have spoken out against this on social media. In early March, he tweeted about seeking equitable remuneration for himself and his peers, and now the “Funeral” singer is attempting to make that happen by collaborating with Vault. “Ok, so for the first time I’m going to be releasing from my vault of unreleased music,” Blake posted on Wednesday (March 20). “We are launching @vaultdotfm to show music has inherent value beyond just exposure.”

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Given Blake’s enormous fanbase, knowledge about this new streamer is spreading quickly, and people have a lot of questions. “Is there another subscription platform? Patreon, YouTube subscribers, and at least ten more platforms already provide this functionality. I understand you’re trying to help, but this doesn’t solve anything. The public who simply wants to listen to music in a ‘simple’ manner and is accustomed to Spotify will not spend five dollars for each musician they wish to listen to…”This just seems like another club, a niche thing, and a niche isn’t going to save musicians,” one individual complained, according to Uproxx.

In addition, the 35-year-old answered questions on how Vault compares to OnlyFans. “I understand that the idea is close, but there will be ways for artists to be discovered through the platform in future iterations.” “I intend to help it become a platform that highlights lesser-known artists,” he said. Blake also noted that the arrival of OF did not completely eliminate other adult content sites. Currently, a subscription to his profile costs $5 per month and grants fans access to three previously unreleased tracks.

“I’ve tried a lot of stuff, and Vault feels unique and has a unique mission re: unreleased music + the payment model is exciting for musicians while being close enough to a usable streaming app for regular people to get it,” James Blake explained to those who were hesitant to add another platform to their subscription roster. “If your criticism is that Vault included ideas related to a mailing list, Discord, streaming, and Patreon in one app, is that a bad thing?” he said. Continue reading to learn more about the Twitter/X conversation, and let us know in the comments whether you plan to sign up for Blake’s latest creative effort.