There are now hundreds of streaming services and applications, but most Americans only use a few of them.

According to Inscape’s TV Market Trends Report for Q4 2023, Americans use only 5.5 applications on their smart TV on average.

“Smart TVs and their numerous available apps have evolved into a personalized gateway for users to interact with information they care about. However, while the average number of apps used per TV nearly doubled between 2021 and 2023, usage has stabilized over the last 9 months, at around 5.5 native apps used per smart TV—perhaps a sign to the market that consumers have had their fill and are simply tired of navigating an endless array of subscriptions and authentications,” according to the Q4 2023 TV Market Trends report.

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While there are more options than ever before, most Americans are content with a few services that allow them to watch everything they want.

This analysis covers both paid and free ad-supported services. With hundreds of streaming services competing for one of the 5.5 services on your TV, it’s easy to understand why the majority of them won’t be profitable by 2024.