It worked out for the guy who put his shot on Twitter in the hopes of being found.

Chris James sent Deadmau5 a message on Twitter (now called X) while he was live streaming in 2012. Deadmau5 was a famous music artist and DJ.

While his song wasn’t yet out, Deadmau5 thought, “Ah, some guy on Twitter says he’s done vocals to this track already.”

“Should I check him out or not?” Let the judges make their choice. Okay, I’ll go look. F**k it.”

It was hard for the producer, whose real name was Joel Thomas Zimmerman, to hide how much he liked the song when he played it without the words.

After only a few seconds of listening to the edited track, Deadmau5 stopped and yelled “motherf***er!” He then told someone else to come listen to it too.

He went on, “I’m f***ing impressive right here!”

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The DJ played more of the song and then said, “Right f***ing now,” he needs to call Chris.

Chris’s words were added to the final version of the song, which was called “The Veldt” and came out soon after the two met on social media.

The song has been streamed over 35 million times on Spotify, making it one of Deamau5’s biggest hits to date.

“Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” “Escape,” and “I Remember – Vocal Mix” are some of his other big hits.

More than ten years after Deadmau5 listened to Chris’ music, people are still talking about how amazing it was that the producer knew right away that he had a hit on his hands after hearing Chris’ clip.

“The fact that deadmau5 knows exactly what to keep and what to remove the first time he listens is insane,” someone wrote on X.

Someone answered, “That’s why he’s so smart.”

“[There] are very few perfect songs and [this] one of them,” said a third.

Chris himself wrote in response to the video that’s been going around on X lately, “Glad you guys are loving the video.” It was a lot of fun making this with Deadmau5.

Recently, the video was also shared on Reddit, where users were quick to praise Deamau5 for giving the up-and-coming artist a chance.

“This is cool to see again, but it’s always cool to see someone’s dreams come true in real life.” One music fan wrote, “Like that video of Pharrell listening to the Maggie Rogers song.”

It’s true that “good musicians support other musicians,” as someone else said.