Cops recently held a press conference to share further information about how Riley Strain was discovered. According to reports, the body was discovered about 7:28 a.m. CT by a worker who was removing an object from the river, following which the body surfaced.

According to the police, the Medical Examiner examined the body and confirmed Riley’s identity; he was also wearing his shirt and watch from the night he went missing. The Nashville Police Department said the family has been notified, and no foul play is suspected at this time.

Riley Strain, a Missouri college student who went missing in Nashville two weeks ago, has finally been found… and rescued from a nearby river.

Riley’s body was discovered Friday in the Cumberland River, approximately 8 miles from downtown Nashville, where he was last seen after becoming separated from his friends during a night of bar hopping on March 8.

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Police say no foul play is suspected, and no trauma has been observed. An autopsy to ascertain the cause of death is pending. It’s unclear where Strain’s body was discovered in the river or under what circumstances… but this concludes a heartbreaking narrative.

Strain first vanished on a Friday night, after being ejected out of Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge bar on Broadway… at which time he strolled out alone.

Surveillance footage provided to the public shows Strain walking aimlessly through Nashville’s streets, at times appearing disoriented and stumbling. Strain was pretty coherent at other periods in previously disclosed footage of him from that night, including body cam video.

The pub claims they ordered Riley to leave after he began breaching their conduct regulations, implying he was very intoxicated, but they also deny they overserved him.

There were reports that the bar served a lot of alcohol that night, but 32 Bridge says its records show he was only offered one drink and two waters before being expelled… and his buddies did not accompany him. The Tennessee ABC is examining the overserving allegations.

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Strain’s pals say he promised to meet them back at their hotel, which was only a few blocks away, but he never showed up.

Metro Nashville Police Department search for Riley Strain.
Instead, Strain appears to have gotten lost and found his way over to the river, where multiple eyewitnesses claim to have seen him that night, as substantiated by the discovery of his bank card nearby. Search crews had been scouring the river for days and had discovered nothing… until today. There’s no news on who found him.

Strain’s family has been in Nashville since the beginning, pleading with the public for assistance and putting pressure on police to deploy additional resources to find him. We were even told by a family spokesman that his mother and father thought he could be alive.

Strain was just 22.