Candace Owens’ grifting nature was exposed while defending her decision to marry a white man.

When pressed by Charlamagne Tha God, Owens tried roughly 20 different responses before settling on none of them. As one commentator who commented to the recordings online described, “She was all over that question. Basically, she declared she was too sophisticated for a black man and had to marry a white man. This girl completed high school. And, while there’s nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t quite match her hallucination. Bye!”

Of course, Owens is not a fan of the United States’ educational system. “I don’t want to hear about Ice Spice’s farts; I just don’t. I do not want to hear about it. We used to make pretty fantastic music, but it’s gone down the drain. I believe that is also international.

I believe it’s because it’s part of the, ‘Let’s gradually modify the education systems so that Black people can’t read and, at the same time, feed them with a pipeline of garbage,’ and you will wake up one day, and what surrounds you will be garbage,” Owens said last week while speaking with Joe Budden. However, given her backing for the right-wing propaganda farm PragerU, Owens does not necessarily have the best interests of the school system at heart.

Candace Owens, in an interview with Budden, also accused Lizzo of gaslighting people. Owens’ disagreement with Lizzo stems from her reaction to Lizzo twerking her bare rear at an NBA game. Owens said she had the authority to label Lizzo’s behavior as “problematic”. However, she was “gaslit” when Lizzo defended herself by declaring that it was “you problem” if you disagreed with her actions.

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Of course, Lizzo’s twerking during an NBA game is the least of her “problematic” activities. After all, the artist is currently facing a rather serious sexual harassment case. Furthermore, Owens is the queen of informing individuals that their opposing opinions are “their problem”.