Ye and Bianca Censori were walking around Los Angeles when they were hungry, and what better location to satisfy their cravings than the Cheesecake Factory?

Furthermore, it’s always amusing to see celebs visit the famous hangout, and it wouldn’t be the first time the couple was seen there. On Wednesday (March 20), they strolled around the streets of The Grove, attracting the attention of many passers-by and paparazzi. The Chicago rapper wore his signature all-black outfit with sunglasses, but he did not shield his face as he frequently does for the cameras. The architect, on the other hand, dressed in a nude bodysuit, pulled-up grey shorts, and little heels.

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While attempting to enter Cheesecake Factory before its 11:30 AM opening time, Ye made some calls to get inside, and security directed paparazzi and onlookers away. Of course, mainstream culture’s fascination with the couple’s every step (and fashion decision) has been well established for more than a year. While there have been some new conflicts in addition to previous ones, they appear to be in a much more measured and peaceful state currently. After all, novelty wears off over time, which they may appreciate to some extent.

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Meanwhile, this comes after Ye’s recent relationship comments, which left fans wondering who he was referring to. “If you have to ask someone for something more than three times, then you’re asking the wrong person,” he wrote on Instagram. Sure, this has nothing to do with a romantic relationship, but many people read this remark as referring to his business decisions and overall career. But it’s interesting to consider whether this hints at a deeper relational dynamic, no matter how unlikely it is.

Also, with another Vultures listening party at the Pyramid of Djoser, it appears that the album series rollout is still in the works. The second installment isn’t out yet, but it’s a Yeezy affair: things were never going to be easy.