Kate Middleton couldn’t have taken her notorious Mother’s Day photo the week before it was uploaded because, unlike the altered image, she appeared considerably sicker in real life… at least, according to Piers Morgan.

We sat down with the renowned British host and journalist for our new Kate Middleton documentary, which airs Thursday night on FOX, and he shared some details about the princess’ appearance during the first week of March… when Kate and the palace claim the Mother’s Day photo was taken.

According to Morgan, a person who saw Kate at the time told him she was much thinner than usual, and nowhere like the glowing picture of health depicted in the now-infamous photo.

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Morgan acknowledged Kate’s thinness under normal circumstances… but the person who saw her said it went beyond her regular slim appearance.

Of course, the entire world is waiting with bated breath to find out what’s actually going on with the Princess of Wales after she spent at least two weeks in a hospital and disappeared from public view for nearly three months.

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With the palace releasing so little information and being caught in the Mother’s Day photoshop blunder, we decided to go further into what’s actually going on with the royal family.