Michael Jackson’s family is embroiled in a complex legal dispute… and they’re not all on the same page — ’cause MJ’s son Blanket is attempting to prevent his own grandma from accessing estate funds in her ongoing battle.

Here is the deal… Blanket, MJ’s youngest son whose real name is Bigi Jackson, filed petitions this week, which TMZ obtained, requesting that the court not allow his grandmother Katherine to use Michael’s estate money to fund an appeal of a previous verdict.

Blanket and his grandmother were recently working together to prevent the executors of Jackson’s estate from carrying out a large business transaction that they were strongly opposed to.

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The documents don’t specify what the transaction was — it’s been cloaked in secrecy throughout this tale — but based on recent reports, it appears to be tied to the estate’s agreement with Sony to sell roughly half of Michael’s music collection for $600 million.

Blanket reveals that he and his grandma submitted their arguments against the sale… but the court ultimately decided against them, seemingly putting the legal issue to rest.

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However, Katherine has opted to appeal the verdict, which Blanket claims he does not want to be a part of — and, more significantly, he does not want his father’s inheritance to pay for her legal fees. As you know, he is an heir to the estate, therefore the money is quite important to him.

Blanket claims in the documents that the appeal has little chance of prevailing, and he doesn’t believe it actually advantages the trust beneficiaries to prolong the case — thus he simply doesn’t want the estate to foot the expense for it, which Katherine wants.

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Blanket has also urged the court to use its best judgment to grant Katherine fair attorney’s fees expended throughout the pre-appeal struggle, which he believes she is entitled to… to some extent.

Blanket’s complaint against Katherine is unsurprising; only yesterday, executors of Michael’s estate reportedly stated that she receives a seven-figure annual allowance, which Blanket likely would prefer she use for the appeal rather than the estate’s funds.

A judge has yet to rule on this case, but it appears that the family is not entirely on the same page.