Josh Peck appears to be ignoring everything that has come out of ‘Quiet on Set’, including Drake Bell’s abuse story, and his supporters are taking notice.

The ex-child star shared a new video on social media this week, following the release of the shocking Nickelodeon documentary, and JP doesn’t appear to be willing to face the elephant in the room… since he’s simply doing goofy TikToks without talking about what everyone’s thinking.

The video shows Josh lip-syncing to some ridiculous sounds, which is very inconsequential given that his former classmates are speaking out, and many are upset that he is choosing to ignore it.

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Check out his comment section in this post, as well as his other recent TikToks, to see what we mean… hundreds of people are condemning him for remaining mute on the documentary and acting as if nothing is going on, urging him to speak up.

One user remarked, “Your silence is LOUD brother”… another added, “*sigh* Josh you disappointed us”… while yet another digitally shouted, “JUSTICE FOR DRAKEEEE.”

As previously said, Josh has said nothing about the documentary or Drake — but given their recent rough history, which included a very clear falling out, it’s not unexpected that Josh isn’t running to support his old costar during this difficult time.

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If you’re new, Drake and Josh have not been close in recent years, and their apparent animosity erupted when Josh married some years ago… a wedding to which Drake was not invited, and which he was quite furious about at the time, venting publicly.

There was a lot of back and forth about this, and in the end, Josh clarified that he and Drake had just not stayed in touch after their show… in other words, they are not friends.

They had a sweet reunion at the 2017 VMAs, but there still appeared to be bad blood, so it’s understandable that Josh is looking the other way.

Nonetheless, many believe he should discuss this regardless, because the issues raised on ‘Quiet on Set’ are clearly larger than whatever minor grievances they may have.

We attempted to contact Josh directly for comment, but were unsuccessful.