Earlier this month, Cord Cutters News polled over 1,000 readers to find out how they cut the cord. According to the Spring 2024 study, Roku is the clear leader in the realm of cord cutting, with nearly twice the popularity of its next competitor, the Amazon Fire TV.

In our survey, we asked readers to name all of the devices they use to stream content. (Adding the figures will not add up to 100% because many people use numerous types of gadgets.) According to our readers, 62% use a Roku, 36% use a smart TV, and 32% use a Fire TV.

Laptops and computers came in fourth position, accounting for 25%. The Apple TV came in fifth position with 20% of the market, followed by Chromecast (all versions) in sixth place with 15%.

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Gaming systems suffered the most losses. Only 4.7% of cable cutters use a gaming system to watch their favorite shows. This figure is down from 10.5% in 2019.

Smart TVs accounted for the largest increase. They are the second most common way consumers stream video, with cord cutters displacing the Fire TV, which has held the #2 slot for nearly a decade since its inception.

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Roku dominates the cord cutting market, although many Roku owners also utilize other devices. Saving money by utilizing what you already have appears to be more significant than owning all of the same items.

The key concern today is how the shift to a smart TV-focused environment will affect Roku’s supremacy. Roku has often said that their current focus is on Roku TVs. Roku is already the best-selling smart TV OS in the United States. Roku’s dominance over streaming may continue to increase as more Americans upgrade their TVs, but the conflict is far from finished, and anything is possible at this point.