The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department reported that a call for medical aid came in around 1:30 PM PT Monday, and that when deputies arrived, fire authorities were already providing lifesaving measures for Karen Houghton, who died.

Karen Houghton, Kris Jenner’s sister, has died.

According to law enforcement sources, Karen was reported as deceased to San Diego County officials on Monday in San Marcos, California. The actual circumstances of her death are unknown, however county officials are currently attributing her death to natural causes.

Karen, Kris’ only sister, was born three years after the famous mother, to MJ and Robert Houghton. Karen and Kris grew raised in San Diego, living primarily with MJ following her divorce from the girls’ father.

Sources with direct information tell TMZ. Kris is devastated by her sibling’s death, and she is also concerned for Karen’s mother and niece. This is MJ’s first child loss, so it is understandably devastating. We’re told that the entire family is rallying around one another.

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Kris also addressed Karen’s loss on social media, posting a heartfelt tribute that touched on their history and connection… remembering Karen affectionately.

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Despite the Kardashians’ extremely public existence, Karen has not played a significant role in their reality TV stardom… as the sisters’ relationship has been somewhat complex over the years.

Karen went public with their problems in 2014, claiming in an interview that Kris had changed since his rise to A-list stardom. She also publicly chimed in on Kris’ high-profile divorce from Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, appearing to support her ex-husband.

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Karen then made news in 2016 when she underwent a five-hour facelift to seem more like the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch, and she was eventually delighted with the results.

A family ceasefire appeared to be verified in 2019 when Karen and Kris posed for a photo with their mother, MJ, and their respective daughters, Natalie Zettel and Kylie Jenner, at Christmas.

Karen, on the other hand, has hardly been seen with the family in recent years, preferring to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight. Prior to her death, she worked as a part-time nurse and author.

Karen is survived by her daughter, whom she had with ex-husband Mark Zettel, mother, sister, and several nieces and nephews. She was 65.