Surgeons used the new Apple Vision Pro during an operation, demonstrating how quickly the future is approaching.

It appears that the headset can be used for more than just browsing the internet and learning how to cook on YouTube.

The Cromwell Hospital team in London utilized Apple’s mixed-reality headset to aid in two microsurgical spine surgeries.

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According to Digital Health, the chance came about because to eXeX, a startup that specializes in ‘AI and spatial computing for surgical and workflow organisation’.

The scrub nurse, not the surgeons, was given the opportunity to test out the headset.

Syed Aftab, a consultant orthopedic spinal surgeon on the surgical team, told Business Insider about the collaboration and use of the device: “Working with eXeX to use the Apple Vision Pro has made a huge difference to the way we deliver care to our patients.”

According to Aftab, the program was “seamless” and increased efficiency within the Complex Spine team.

He also stated that he was ‘looking forward to seeing how this technology advances and the impact it can have across hospitals in the UK’.

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Cromwell Hospital’s chief operating officer, Kate Bovell, stated that the hospital is ‘committed to innovation and improving how healthcare is delivered to benefit all patients, whether through harnessing robotic or AI technology, or using the latest, evidence-based approaches to deliver care’.

Images of the surgery have begun to circulate on social media, prompting many to ponder whether this is the future of healthcare.

“These tech innovations, if used well, could be a game-changer,” a member of the public wrote.

“Apple and their expertise with sensors can have huge applications in medical devices.” Another person said.

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“Imagine simple diseases or emergencies that could be identified with ring/watch.”

“A Perfect use case which proves technology can be used for good and important field like this where precision is matter alot to eliminate human errors,” a third person said.

Since the launching of the Apple Vision Pro, a number of new healthcare products have entered the market.

In addition to surgical training, some apps include mental health support, such as ‘beautiful 3D pictures in a user’s surroundings for attention, relaxation, or quiet sleep’ or breathing exercises.

And Apple appears to be pleased with these applications, as Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, stated in a news release: “We’re thrilled to see the fantastic apps that developers throughout the healthcare community are bringing to Apple Vision Pro.

“The imagination and drive of our developers, combined with the technical capabilities of visionOS, are igniting new possibilities for physicians, frontline workers, and even students, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.”