Dr Dre has revealed how much he admires Eminem.

The 59-year-old rapper and record producer was interviewed by James Corden for SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine.

Eminem is unquestionably one of the world’s most successful and well-known rappers, if not the most.

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However, each artist understands the difficult balance between monetary success and artistic accomplishment, whatever that means for each individual.

If Dr. Dre’s interview is any indication, Eminem has earned the respect of his fellow artists.

Dr Dre said James Corden, “I think he’s the best MC ever.” “Point blank, period.”

That is some extremely high praise indeed!

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Dr Dre told Corden about the first time he met Eminem.

He went on to say: “I was just starting this new thing, this new campaign with Aftermath Records, and I was working on my second solo album at the time, and it was just OK.”

The rapper explained that he routinely visited record executive Jimmy Iovine’s office.

He recalled: “We would go down to his garage, which he had converted into a listening room, and he would just play demos.”

“He simply asked one day, ‘What do you think about this?’ And he played this artist—Eminem—and I had no idea he was a white man at the time.”

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Of course, Dre didn’t stop there; he took the record home to listen it.

Dre remembered: “I took it home with me, and I could quit playing this s—. I couldn’t stop playing it, and Jimmy called the next day and said, ‘You realize it’s a white person, right?'”

He went on: “I was like, ‘Oh, OK,’ so long story short, I met Eminem in Jimmy Iovine’s office. We slapped hands, proceeded to the studio, and began recording.”

The rapper and producer also shared details about Eminem’s first four albums.

He went on to say: “I’m not sure if anybody knows this, but I think [Eminem’s] first four albums was just me and him and his writing and his delivery.”

Needless to say, he admires Eminem wholeheartedly.

Dre described how much he admires Eminem, saying, “His imagination is off the charts, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.” I think he’s the greatest MC ever. Point blank, period.

“Of course, there will be debates over this because he is white. I don’t think any rapper can compete with Eminem on that microphone.”