The autopsy report for XXXTENTACION has purportedly been made available online, describing his physical condition, injuries incurred, and the timeframe of the process.

Fans were outraged and appalled by this purported admission, which occurred six years ago and spread like wildfire. “I’m not going to lie…” I ain’t reading at all. “Someone sum it up,” one fan commented on the Instagram photo below. Another said, “Let him relax. I want to keep bringing up this day. Let’s speak about his music instead, or his numbers, or how his younger brother is doing or his son. “No more negative talk from him.”

Furthermore, many fans believe that the media should not be focused on these details, particularly because they offer little to what we already know about XXXTENTACION’s tragic death. This also applies to other scenarios, such as crime scene body cam footage being leaked online. Other fans, however, saw this as an opportunity to both grieve and honor the rapper’s memory. Regardless of your reaction, it’s evident that they’re all connected by a sense of grief and tribute.

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Furthermore, there are numerous other ways in which social media and the XXXTENTACION fandom have been able to unite behind this. Even in minor ways that don’t have a big impact, witnessing positivity around his music, friends, and family helps him heal. For example, the Florida rapper and singer’s son recently took part in the popular “one bad word” challenge for kids. Not every X fan will want to see this, but those who do will be encouraged by the glimpse of normalcy in a horrible situation.

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Meanwhile, other musicians in hip-hop and beyond, like as Kid Cudi, continue to pay tribute to his legacy and artistry. Fans must carefully consider what should be celebrated and what should be kept private and intimate for the “Train Food” creator’s loved ones. Hopefully, this distinction will become easier to uphold.