Over the last six months, Diddy has been struck with lawsuit after lawsuit, each with many charges. Cassie accused the billionaire of sexual assault in November 2023, and the story quickly spread throughout the internet.

It was settled promptly, just one day after it was filed. However, Diddy has not received any rest since then, as he has faced additional allegations and lawsuits.

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The $30 million lawsuit brought by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones is arguably the largest and most recent. The producer collaborated closely with Diddy for a while and was extensively involved in the creation of The Love Album (2023). According to NBC News, Jones filed his complaint in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on February 26, 2024. The dossier, which is reportedly 73 pages long, details a number of charges against Diddy. More significantly, the case is far from settled, so Diddy may go to court. Here’s a rundown of the most outrageous charges in the complaint.

As previously stated, Rodney Jones collaborated closely with Diddy during the creation of The Love Album. According to the lawsuit, the producer resided and traveled with Diddy for extended periods of time between September 2022 and November 2023. During this time, Jones allegedly observed numerous instances of wrongdoing and “serious illegal activity” by the record executive. Among the most notable is that Diddy allegedly hosted underage girls at his parties. The lawsuit apparently includes claimed screenshots of underage girls attending these meetups. According to the records, Diddy ordered that the females be given tainted drinks.

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Throughout the 73-page lawsuit, Rodney Jones accuses Diddy of sexual assault on many occasions. However, if proven, this claim is likely the most serious sexual violation. In the document, the producer claims that Diddy drugged him on February 2, 2023. Jones admits that he may have been raped after being drugged, though he is not certain. The lawsuit claims he awoke naked, dizzy, and confused in bed with Diddy and two sex workers.

Furthermore, according to the lawsuit, Jones claims Diddy unlawfully touched him. According to the complaint, Diddy sexually harassed and attacked Jones while they lived together in Diddy’s Florida house. This allegedly happened at Diddy’s residence in New York, as well as aboard a yacht rented by the entrepreneur in the US Virgin Islands. The assault and harassment consisted mostly of “constant unsolicited and unauthorized groping and touching of his anus,” according to the lawsuit.

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The lawsuit also alleges that Diddy attempted “to groom Jones into accepting a homosexual relationship.” The producer explicitly states in the paper that he was forced to work in Diddy’s bathroom as the executive showered naked in a glass enclosure. According to the lawsuit, Jones expressed concerns about the arrangement to Diddy’s chief of staff. However, Kristina Khorram, the head of staff, dismissed the behavior as “friendly horseplay.” She further said that those actions were Diddy’s method of “showing that he likes you.” Jones didn’t believe it, as his lawsuit also accuses Khorram of aiding and abetting her boss’ sexual assault on him.