A few of fans have speculated that Conor McGregor is being held out of the octagon because of his cocaine addiction.

“Bro is totally geeking ❄️.” “The UFC brass is attempting to keep him out of the octagon because they know how bad his cocaine addiction has gotten,” one user commented on X, formerly Twitter. Their evidence for this was a highly enthusiastic interview with McGregor, during which he did not appear completely sober.

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McGregor is set to return to the Octagon late this year. However, there has already been some turbulence around his homecoming. McGregor revealed in December that he will return to the Octagon in June, against long-time nemesis Michael Chandler. “I’d want to announce the comeback date of myself, ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor. The greatest comeback of all time will take place in Las Vegas, during International Fight Week on June 29. The opponent is Michael Chandler, and the weight is 185 pounds,” McGregor stated in a video on X. However, the UFC never officially announced the bout.

McGregor also tried his hand at rapping after getting involved in a feud on X, formerly Twitter. McGregor uploaded a 2-minute stanza in response to Scott Moore, a political pundit and battle rapper from Northern Ireland, who labeled McGregor “a profoundly stupid person.” McGregor’s awkward verse targeted Moore’s appearance and Northern Irish heritage. However, like many of McGregor’s tweets, it was shortly removed from his profile. Moore did, however, answer to McGregor’s verse with his own, going so far as to declare McGregor an English collaborator. However, his request for McGregor to face him in person was short-lived, as McGregor instead chose to block him.

All of this started when McGregor posted a selfie with the caption “Ireland, your President”. That’s what prompted Moore’s original comment. Furthermore, Moore advised McGregor that criticizing his appearance and habits was under the belt because Moore suffers from a mental health issue that leads him to pick at his skin and is autistic, which means he has many behaviors over which he has no control. Unfortunately, the consensus online was that this was another loss for the MMA legend.