Chadwick Moore, a US journalist and novelist, has asserted that “woke Hollywood is losing the culture war”.

This comes after the 96th Academy Awards, where Elon Musk generated controversy by claiming that winning an Oscar is equivalent to “winning the woke contest.”

Musk remarked on his platform, X (previously Twitter), that “winning an Oscar now just means you won the woke contest.”

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In an interview with GBN America, US novelist Chadwick Moore agreed with him, claiming that the Oscars are nothing more than “corporate entertainment”.

He said, “What are you expecting? You have corporate entertainment and corporate media, but they are losing the culture war. If you look around, you’ll see that the most intriguing things are happening in independent media, humor, and entertainment.

“These individuals have lost their former clothing. People do not want this pushed down their throats.

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“Hollywood was one location that had no issues with this. However, in order to be considered for Best Picture, you must now meet numerous DAI (diversity and inclusion) conditions.

“All of the great films of the past, even recent ones like Spotlight or Beautiful Mind, would no longer be eligible for Best Picture nominations because they did not meet the proper racial quota.

“The left’s obsession with social engineering makes for poor entertainment.