In a talk with James Corden, Katy Perry ranked her ex-partners based on who was the best in bed.

With Taylor Swift penning and singing about her ex-partners, it appears that another musician isn’t afraid to kiss and tell when asked about her previous relationships.

In 2017, Perry held a continuous YouTube live stream event to promote her album Witness.

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In addition to resting and participating in a therapy session while on camera, Perry also spoke with actor and comedian turned TV host James Corden.

Corden challenged Perry to a game from The Late Late Show called ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,’ in which she had to answer questions or eat stomach-churning snacks.

What should Corden ask the singer? Well, about her previous relationships, and how they would rank if she compared how they all behaved in bed.

Corden asked Perry, “This is operating on the idea that they’re all fine. “Rank John Mayer, Diplo, and Orlando Bloom.”

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Perry promptly protested, crying ‘No,’ and stating that she would not do it, but if she did, she would be forced to eat a ‘1,000-year-old egg’.

So the singer proceeded with the rating, stating that Diplo (actual name Thomas Wesley Pentz) would come in third, Bloom second, and Mayer first.

“But we’re saying all three are exceptional,” Corden clarified.

And she responded by saying: “Gentlemen, I love you and you know that I love you and it’s not about that, it’s just maybe I just haven’t had enough time to have sex with you.”

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And it didn’t take long for folks to flood social media with a more serious perspective on the game and Perry’s response.

On Facebook, one commenter wrote: “I’m sorry, but I’m starting to lose respect for Katy.”

However, another commented: “I’m not saying this was acceptable to do, but I’m just wondering why Katy is receiving so much flack. What about James Cordon? He asked the query. She may have declined to answer, but if you truly believe this is a nasty thing to do, you should be upset with the person who requested her to do it.”

However, someone else commented, “But she did it anyway.”

While Bloom never officially commented to the ranking, Diplo told X that he didn’t ‘even remember having sex’, while Mayer told Rolling Stone that he didn’t have a ‘cool enough thinking’ to respond.

However, given Bloom’s current engagement to Perry and their child, he has no need to be anxious.