Are you a YouTube TV subscriber who has been requested to subscribe to Max in order to access Warner Bros. Discovery programs? You are not alone, and Google said in January that they are attempting to fix the glitch, yet it continues to occur.

The bug allows Max shows to appear in your library alongside your DVRed content and YouTube TV’s on-demand library for customers who do not pay for Max. This leads to a lot of confusion when customers click on a show they believe is the DVRed version or a portion of the video-on-demand version, only to be asked to pay an additional fee for Max.

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If you receive this notice, simply restart and look at the other versions of the software you are viewing. You should be able to find on-demand versions, as well as any DVR recordings you may have made. The actual issue here is that YouTube TV combines your collection with DVR shows, video-on-demand content, and add-ons like Max.

YouTube TV allows you to subscribe to various add-ons, including Max, through the service. Once you’ve subscribed to many of these add-ons, you may view the content directly from YouTube TV.

This comes as YouTube TV works to improve its library, which includes all of its on-demand material and DVRed episodes.

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For the time being, this bug appears to be isolated to the library; however, watching live channels appears to be unaffected. If you are affected by this bug, try returning to your library and selecting a new version of the program you want to watch.