Adin Ross is definitely one of the most popular streamers in the world. However, he has previously been in the center of controversy.

Overall, this is what drew him to platforms like Kick. Ross, as a company stakeholder, has complete control over what he does and says. Furthermore, he has complete control over the platform’s direction. It is a lot of power to have, albeit he occasionally forgets his effect. For example, consider what recently occurred with the Tates.

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Earlier this morning, we reported on Andrew and Tristan Tate’s detention in Romania. The two were arrested on a UK warrant. This warrant states that the two engaged in “sexual aggression.” Some of the claims go back as far as 2012, and several claimed victims have come forward. However, it is claimed that some statements made on a recent Adin Ross live hastened the arrest. This assertion was made by one of the lawyers representing the accused victims.

During his webcast, Ross announced that he would be meeting with the brothers soon. However, he revealed that the brothers intended to flee Romania. Ross was unaware at the time that the brothers were legally prohibited from doing so. With additional legal difficulties building in Romania, the brothers would be in serious trouble if they fled. Given this information, it makes sense for authorities to act fast. However, Ross has yet to respond on the lawyer’s assertions.