John Cena has become a megastar in Hollywood. Overall, he has landed roles in major films, and some believe he is on a similar path to The Rock.

In reality, Cena got to present at the Oscars last night. However, his presentation was controversial, and with good cause. As many of you have already seen, Cena had to present naked, albeit he did wear some protection in case of an issue. He got a lot of laughs from the audience, and it was a very big deal on social media.

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Conspiracy theories abound in Hollywood. As a result, many individuals drew conclusions from Cena’s presentation. For example, several on The Neighborhood Talk compared the event to a “humiliation ritual” for Cena. “Humiliation ritual.. I don’t what bro is on but he about to blow after that,” remarked one reader. “I know a humiliation ritual when I see one,” stated another. Others merely posted gifs of Katt Williams, who informed Shannon Sharpe about humiliation traditions.

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Nowadays, it appears that individuals are more than prepared to jump to conclusions. There is a tendency to interpret everything in bad faith. Conspiracy theories abound everywhere, and Hollywood is one of their targets. Perhaps Cena simply thought that would be humorous. However, we’ll probably never know why they chose this option.