Matt Rife is reportedly considering suing fellow comic Nima Yamini.

According to TMZ, Rife and his team are determining the best legal course of action after Yamini posted a video claiming to have witnessed Rife providing oral sex to Hollywood executives in exchange for fame. Rife is likely to file a defamation claim against Yamini and is reportedly “sick of people using his name for clout.”

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However, Rife is far from a perfect socialite. Rife launched a peculiar dispute with a six-year-old on TikTok in December, just a few weeks after he became mired in trouble over a domestic violence joke. Rife informed the child that Santa Claus does not exist and that the child’s mother purchases his gifts with her “OnlyFans profits”. The encounter occurred after the child stitched a tape of Rife mentioning Jupiter has a ring to inform him that Saturn is the planet best recognized for its rings. Rife yelled at the child in the comments, making the statements that have gotten him back in trouble. Most people interpret the feud as Rife once again punching down for no apparent cause.

All of this derives from a video made earlier this week by Yamini. Yamini claimed to have attended a meeting with “two Hollywood execs” alongside Rife, during which the Hollywood execs requested oral sex in exchange for making the two men famous. Yamini claimed to have exited in disgust, but Rife was “already sucking both d-cks simultaneously before I even left the room.” The tale swiftly spread, particularly among right-wing conspiracy theorists like Dom Lucre.

However, the majority of the internet quickly dismissed the story. First, Yamini has an internet reputation for sarcasm and exaggerated comedy, implying that the story is most likely fabricated. Furthermore, many individuals wondered why Yamini would include Rife but not the Hollywood executives. Furthermore, the age difference between Yamini and Rife would probably make Rife an adolescent in the scenario. This would mean that Yamini did not intervene when she witnessed a teenager being coerced into sex. Finally, the scenario nearly perfectly fits the long-held right-wing conspiracy notion that Hollywood is filled of gay leftist sex fiends. Rife has yet to respond to the “allegations”.