Chrisean Rock has never shied away from updating fans on her personal life.

Even when things are going terribly, Chrisean will go on Live and speak with individuals who want to hear from her. Overall, this has proved to be both a blessing and a curse. However, she still has an audience, which she should be happy about. On Friday morning, her supporters tuned into her Live and were told a genuinely horrifying narrative about what happened in her driveway at 5 a.m.

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The tale revolves around Bluface’s father, who currently lives with Rock. He went outside to get to his car because he needed to go to work. However, he was unable to do so since his tires were slashed. In addition, two men were waiting for him with their rifles drawn. They were trying to get inside the house so they could rob it. As Blueface’s father stated, the two men eventually fled the scene. They did so after concluding that Blueface’s father had nothing worthwhile on him.

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Chrisean Rock extended her story by cautioning others against going to people’s houses and attempting to rob them. As she stated, she now has armed security outside her home. She has a baby to care for, and she does not want intruders jeopardizing family safety. Overall, it is a reasonable position to hold. Nobody wants their goods stolen, and no one wants to go through the agony of a break-in. Hopefully, Chrisean will be able to improve her security and feel more at ease moving forward.

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