Last year, Spectrum began to make streaming the default TV option for new subscribers via its Xumo streaming player.

Altice USA, the fourth-largest cable TV provider in the United States, is now offering the same option through its Optimum Stream.

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Optimum Stream was already accessible in a few locations, but CEO Dennis Mathew announced at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Conference that it will be available in all markets where Optimum Cable TV is offered.

So, why are cable TV companies jumping into streaming? In short, it all comes down to saving costs.

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Cable TV providers can leverage streaming services to promote self-installation choices. Customers can set up service themselves by downloading an app or, for Altice USA customers, by utilizing the company’s bespoke Android TV box, eliminating the need for an expensive technician to come out.

Another significant benefit is that it allows cable TV operators to avoid the expenditures of maintaining older systems. They can now use their network entirely for Internet service.

A rising number of cable TV providers offer both streaming and traditional cable TV, or they are discontinuing traditional TV service entirely. Cord cutting will continue to expand into 2024 and beyond.