1000-lb sisters’ Tammy Slaton attacked the ‘haters’ as she showcased her ‘unrecognizable’ change.

Tammy and her sister Amy capture their weight loss journey on the TLC reality TV show, having started with a combined weight of over 1000 pounds.

In season four, Tammy met Caleb Willingham and married in a recovery facility in November 2022. Slaton stated on the show that when she saw Willingham at the altar, she ‘saw doves and butterflies’ and felt as if ‘God had opened up the clouds and allowed the sunlight in’.

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Willingham died at the age of 40, and Tammy has addressed the loss on TikTok.

While she has experienced a lot of trauma in recent months, the reality TV star is on an outstanding weight loss journey.

In fact, many argue Tammy is looking healthier than ever after losing an amazing 440 pounds during her reality television show.

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Fans of the 1000-Lb Sisters star will be familiar with her TikTok presence, where she often offers updates to her followers.

Tammy stated in a recent video: “I’m just living my best life lol I’m being stupid.” I just wanted to share a laugh with everyone.”

Tammy recently thanked her followers for their lovely remarks, but she also addressed some of the criticism she has received.

During an unboxing video, Tammy expressed her gratitude for the “good, bad, all the comments, all the hate.”

Tammy addressed the haters directly, saying, “All the haters out there, they’re making fun of me…”I pray for you.”

The comments on this TikTok were overwhelmingly positive, with the majority praising Tammy’s growth.

“Look at you move and groove!!! You’re looking great!! “Sending love,” one person commented.

“Tammy!! I restarted the program from the beginning, and girl, you killed it!!!” a second added.

Tammy had convinced she was pregnant after experiencing an unusual hunger.

Tammy brought over her sister Amy because she wanted to investigate the idea of having a baby after losing weight.

And while she spoke with the OB/GYN about her pregnancy thoughts, she even conceded that there was a’slight chance’ she was already pregnant.

“I want to see whether I can conceive. I want to make sure everything is healthy down there. I had an IUD inserted… It had to be taken out in 2016. So it’s still in,” she informed the doctor.