Stephen A. Smith preferred Eminem over Nas because of their overall consistency and greatness as hip-hop musicians.

During an interview on the Connect The Dots podcast, the ESPN First Take presenter was asked to choose between the two musicians, with Smith praising both emcees as among the best of all time while stating what he believes separates the two.

“I consider Eminem to be one of the best artists of all time. “I also think Nas is one of the greatest ever,” Stephen A stated in a footage of the interview that went viral on social media on Friday (March 1).

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Nas’ rhymes are impressive, but analyzing them requires more street knowledge and comprehension than Eminem’s.He gives it to you simply and plainly. I’m going to have to say that, as much as I love Nas, which I do, I have to give the edge to Eminem.

However, the 56-year-old agrees that Nas is the better musician of the two when they are at their peak, but he praises Eminem for his “consistency” throughout his career, which has been criticized as a weakness for Nas over time.

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“Now, the best of Nas is better than the best of Eminem,” Smith observed of his fellow Queens icon. “What I’m trying to argue is that Eminem’s greatness is more consistent than Nas’. Which is why I had to give [Eminem] the advantage.”

Nas and Eminem are widely recognized as two of the most proficient and respected lyricists of their time. In 2021, the three worked together on “EPMD 2” off Nas’ King’s Disease II album, which also features the famed rap duo.

Last year, the Detroit rapper praised Nas’ debut album, Illmatic, saying it had a significant impact on his own talent at the time.

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“I remember The Source gave Illmatic five mics [a perfect score],” Em told The New York Times. “I knew I liked Nas from his stanza on ‘Live at the Barbeque’ with Main Source, which is one of the most legendary verses in Hip Hop history. But I was thinking, ‘Five microphones, though? Let me see what this is.

“And when I put it on, ‘And be prosperous/ Though we live dangerous/ Cops could just arrest me/ Blaming us/We’re held as hostages.'” He was going in and out of the rhyme system, using internal rhymes. That record has me in a slump as well. “I know the album from front to back.”