Jason Kelce’s NFL career is gone.

The Philadelphia Eagles superstar announced his retirement during an emotional news conference Monday afternoon.

Jason cried while making the announcement, and tears flowed down his cheeks even before he began speaking at the event. Several times during his speech, he needed to pause to collect himself.

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Many relatives and friends came out to see the 36-year-old center say goodbye, including Travis Kelce, who was distraught when his older brother addressed the crowd.

Throughout his statement, Jason acknowledged a large number of people, particularly coaches and former teammates. He also brought up losing the Super Bowl to Travis.

Jason mentioned meeting his wife, Kylie, as well. He also got a lot of laughs when he mentioned Nick Foles’ “big d***” and Darren Sproles’ “4-foot-8” height.

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After thanking the city of Philadelphia once more, he walked away from the podium without accepting any questions, hugging Travis tightly.

Jason entered the league in 2011, when the Eagles selected him in the sixth round of the NFL draft. He went on to play in every game for Philadelphia that season, and his first Pro Bowl selection came three years later, in 2014.

Jason went on to appear in six more Pro Bowls, as well as six All-Pro selections.

He won his first Super Bowl in 2018 with the Birds, helping them defeat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Jason came close to winning another Super Bowl in 2023, but his younger brother and the Chiefs emerged victorious in an exciting matchup.

While Jason was a star on the field for virtually all 13 seasons, his off-the-field career took off this past season.

Travis and Taylor Swift’s “New Heights” podcast gained popularity when they started dating. Jason also received a lot of camera time on other networks during the Eagles’ off days.

Many believe Jason’s next move will be into the broadcast booth, but for the time being, it will be a well-deserved celebration of his Hall of Fame career.