On Valentine’s Day, tragedy struck in St. Louis when two Drake concert attendees, Laticha Bracero and Alyssa Cordova, a mother and her daughter, were killed by a truck that drove through a red light. During his gig in Buffalo, New York on Tuesday (February 27), the Toronto singer paid tribute to his fallen fans.

“I saw a video today and it had me a little f**ked up,” he stated during a break in one of his gigs for the It’s All A Blur – Big As The What? tour with J. Cole and Lil Durk. “I don’t mean to dampen the mood, but I saw a video today that we had a show in St. Louis and a mother and her young daughter lost their life leaving the show.”

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He went on to say how thrilling his gigs are for both his fans and himself, but he also acknowledged that some people may be watching him play for the last time. Next, as he has done throughout his tour, he encouraged audiences to demonstrate love to one another. “I want you to turn to somebody that you do not know,” he went on to say. “Not somebody that you came with.” Watch the footage below.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that Laticha Bracero died at the scene of the fatal vehicle accident, while Alyssa Cordova died after being brought to the hospital. They further said that this driver, who went through many red lights before colliding with Bracero and Cordova, injured several others.

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The driver was later identified as Monte Henderson after being detained. He was charged with two counts of criminal action and involuntary manslaughter after driving at speeds greater than 70 mph. Prosecutors urged that he be kept in prison because he posed a threat to the community, but Henderson was offered and successfully posted bond.

According to the Riverfront Times, Henderson is still free, but Judge Catherine Anne Dierker has ordered him to serve house arrest due to several speeding convictions in the last two years.

Drake and J. Cole’s It’s All A Blur – Big As The What? tour has been going on for a few months now. Their united road trip followed their first collaborations in over a decade, “First Person Shooter” and “Evil Ways.”