Kai Cenat’s internet reach is so big that anyone who participates in one of his streams could become famous.

That was the situation for the Omah Lay concertgoer who was dumped by his lover. A video went viral in which the Nigerian rapper brought a random woman on stage to dance with him. However, it became quite intimate and sexual, which obviously made the boyfriend uncomfortable. He ended up leaving away, and Kai Cenat is now looking to assist him out.

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Streamers performing 20 ladies versus one man have gotten popular recently, and Kai hosted one for the man. At the end of the film, the man and the final candidate were eager to see where things could lead. However, Cenat went above and beyond to aid him. According to reports, he eventually offered him $20,000 dollars. Furthermore, in another streaming tape, Kai claims that he and the Omah Lay “victim” have been continually texting, and that as a result of his appearance on the live stream, brands are approaching him for agreements and business opportunities.

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In other news, the woman who danced with Omah Lay issued a public apology, which did not appear to be genuine. She stated that she spoke with her man privately but also wishes to confront the issue online in order to clean her identity. “I’d like to openly apologize to him. Obviously, we had private talks and chatted, but since it was public, I believe it is appropriate for me to publicly apologize to him, since that was wrong. It was a mistake; if I had known this would go like this, I would have done it differently.”