Travis Kelce stood front and center for his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, when she ascended the stage once more… and she thanked him later with a little sugar.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was among hundreds in attendance Friday at Sydney’s Accor Stadium, as T-Swift began a new set of performances leading up to the weekend. The fans went berserk, as they have at each of her gigs he has attended.

There are numerous videos flying around on X that show TK making his approach to his location in the stadium — and as he passed a lot of Swifties, they were losing their s*** yelling.

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Travis soaked up all the attention, cheering and waving at all the kids as he passed them. With security surrounding him on all sides, of course. He also brought along a friend, Ross Travis. A former Chiefs player who is randomly accompanying Travis on this trip to Australia. Taylor’s father, Scott, was also in the mix as Trav walked to his VIP tent.

BTW, other prominent people attended the show, including Katy Perry and Rita Ora, with whom Travis took a photo. Indeed, he is wearing his friendship bracelet! After the show, he was there to greet Taylor, and lingering fans noticed her plant one on him.

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As Travis and co. gazed on, Taylor was onstage doing her thing, putting on a terrific performance as she usually does. There were several highlights, all of which were photographed.

Travis is clearly committed to the connection; he has already flown worldwide for Taylor before this, and he has done so again in Australia. He hasn’t missed a beat with Taylor since his arrival, going straight from aircraft to zoo date.

It’s no little accomplishment. As previously reported, Travis’ long voyage to visit Taylor again began Tuesday night, when he boarded a private plane from Los Angeles after dinner at Nobu Malibu.

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He flew to Hawaii for a brief visit before continuing on to Sydney. Where he was photographed walking off the plane and climbing into an SUV. It was a long flight, no doubt, but he pushed through and went straight to the Sydney Zoo with his girlfriend, being a good sport.

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This is Trav’s second trip around the world for Taylor… but don’t worry, she has done the same for him. Remember, she flew from Tokyo to Vegas for the Super Bowl, where she cheered for him and the Chiefs as they won the championship.

Some wondered if they’d be able to maintain the momentum beyond football season. So far, it looks they have… you don’t just jet off to Australia halfway through a relationship.

We know Trav will be present throughout the weekend, but will he be her roadie for the rest of the tour? She has gigs in Singapore coming up as part of her “Eras” tour.

Whether he does or not, he is now present, and we are confident they are having a good time together.