The CEO of YouTube, Neal Mohan, announced his priorities for the service for 2024 last week.

He also revealed in the letter that YouTube TV now has 8 million members, making it the biggest streaming service for live TV. Right now, YouTube TV ranks as the fourth-biggest cable TV provider in the US.

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Additionally, customer interest in our subscription services is expanding. We are thrilled to report that there are over 8 million YouTube TV users. Additionally, we surpassed 100 million Premium and Music subscribers—including trial users. With features like Coachella insider access and Shorts challenges with NewJeans, Tate McRae, Dua Lipa, and more, music subscriptions enable us to fulfill our mission of being the greatest platform for artists to interact with fans.

With 8 million customers, YouTube TV is currently the second largest service after Spectrum, Comcast, DIRECTV, and now YouTube TV. In its third quarter 2023 report, DISH claimed to have over 6.7 million TV subscribers; however, the company has not yet released its fourth quarter 2023 statistics.

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With 4.6 million customers, YouTube TV has almost doubled the number of Hulu + Live TV subscribers, which was the next largest TV provider. This announcement coincides with YouTube TV’s successful utilization of its NFL Sunday Ticket exclusivity to increase subscriber base.

Sling TV, which has 2.1 million subscribers, and Fubo, which has over 1.4 million, are two more large live TV streaming providers.

Now that the NFL season is almost over, the question is whether YouTube TV can maintain these subscribers. In an effort to save money, cord cutters are rotating services more and more. Will the impending March Madness attract new viewers, or will existing ones leave YouTube TV altogether in order to save money until the 2024 NFL season begins?

In 2024, we’ll have to wait and see if YouTube TV can maintain its position as one of the few live TV services that is still gaining users.