If the NBA wants the All-Star Weekend to retain its previous enthusiasm and mystique, things must alter. The players don’t seem to care because there are no stakes.

The Sunday game appears to be the most heavily criticized event, owing to the number of stars on the court. Fans and sports talk show hosts believe that having them play hard will fix a lot of problems over the weekend. Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith gave their harsh opinions on everything on their show today. Shannon Sharpe accidently roasted Kai Cenat, which was one of the funniest parts of the entire discussion.

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The unintentional dig came out during the ex-NFL legend’s comments on the Dunk Contest. Both he and SAS believed that Mac McClung deserved to win again after winning over the supporters last year. He defeated Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown after a controversial run to the last round. Shannon was amazed by how far he progressed despite his terrible dunks. That is when Kai Cenat was hit by a stray gunshot.

Sharpe went on to say that previous contests including ones last night involved jumping over higher players than themselves. Then he got to Brown. “Jaylen Brown hopped over Kai Cenat, who was sitting in a seat. What should I do with that, Stephen A. They should have given him a two on the board. The man is already three feet tall; you place him on a chair, and he is now one foot and five inches tall.” Sharpe always seems to say the funniest things, whether on purpose or not, at the funniest times. Surely, this will get to the streamer, so keep tuned for his soon-to-be viral reaction.