The Super Bowl continues to draw large numbers of “attention”—watching eyes on the TV—with the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers once more.

When compared to the general linear TV attention index of 100, the TVision Attention Index, which gauges the number of viewers in the room, displays a 118.4 index.

The number of watchers per viewing household was 2.1 compared to the overall average TV index of 1.4, largely because of Super Bowl parties.

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The advertisements with celebrity singers garnered the most attention and were the best performing. Among them was T-Mobile (126.8 index), which starred Jason Momoa and had Zach Braff and Donald Faison from “Scrubs” singing a rendition of “Flashdance.”

A Dunkin’ commercial (rated 126.5) with Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady was shown immediately behind it. Ben Affleck sang in the commercial as part of a boy band.

With David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston from “Friends” making an appearance, UberEats achieved the fourth-best index score of 125.3. It seems that Aniston has forgotten that Schwimmer was her co-star in the show.

In addition, 39 million households watched the Super Bowl this year, up 6% (30.1 million) from the previous year, marking the biggest number of viewers in six years, according to Samba TV.

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Samba reports that Poppi, a fruit juice/prebiotic soda brand, had the best-performing TV campaign, reaching 29.1 million households. Verizon and Snapchat came in right behind, with roughly 29.1 million US homes.