After the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift went out to the club with Travis Kelce and friends, but she was also there with her parents, which she documented on camera and shared online.

Following the Chiefs’ thrilling victory in Vegas, the pop sensation shared some behind-the-scenes video on Monday night. Tay Tay and the crew then hit the town and turned the town red at the after-parties.

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It turns out that Taylor, as she demonstrated in a fantastic TikTok video, dragged her parents, Scott and Andrea, along for the festivities, at least in part.

T-Swift posted an unusual video of herself sitting in a private area of what appears to be Resorts World’s Zouk behind the DJ booth. She then moves to her left to capture her parents relaxing on the couch next to her, enjoying drinks and taking it all in.

Travis made a funny expression as he crossed the street just in front of her, which she also videotaped.

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accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life

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“It’s a friends and family party they said,” Taylor wrote. “Everyone should try going clubbing with their parents at least once in their lives,” she wrote as an additional caption on her TikTok. Her video has received many likes and over 18 million views to date.

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It’s noteworthy for a few reasons. Firstly, Taylor is firmly establishing Travis as her boyfriend now that this seems to be the first time she’s tweeted about him on her official social media accounts.

More essential, though, is that Taylor has changed significantly because she often doesn’t share many details about her personal life. She’d barely shared something like this before.

Just goes to show, when Mr. Kelce is by her side, she seems to be a completely different person.