An nasty joke featured in a popular 1990s cartoon has startled online users, who think it has no chance of success today.

With the world continually changing around us, it’s easy to forget how drastically different things used to be, but television is always a wonderful reminder.

Sometimes the differences are minor, such as the hairstyles in Friends or the clothes in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, while other times they are more noticeable.

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If you were born in the 1990s, try to recall your childhood memories of hurrying home from school to turn on the television.

You may have seen the Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Laboratory, but you may also have seen Johnny Bravo’s monstrous frame.

The confident, strong cartoon character was a regular on children’s television from 1997 to 2004.

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Multiple seasons of the show demonstrate a fondness for Johnny Bravo, but looking back at the cartoon now, its more troubling moments are difficult to overlook.

One joke in particular has gone popular on X today (February 7), after it was posted on the ‘Historic Vids’ account.

In the video, Bravo is seen visiting a museum where he learns about a pen used by the President to sign the nineteenth amendment.

Bravo discovers that the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote for the first time, an incredible landmark in history that Bravo appears to have overlooked.

In fact, he questioned why we had bothered with it at all.

“Why did they do that?” “I didn’t think chicks liked to vote,” Bravo stated to an unimpressed audience.

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Though Bravo’s inexperience in the issue is plainly problematic, the women in the animation taught him a lesson as they tracked him down in rage.

Perhaps not the ideal method to deal with stupidity, but hopefully it taught Bravo where he went wrong.

Viewers were taken aback after watching the clip today, with one X user writing, “Oh for [sic] sure Johnny would be canceled today.”

Another viewer remarked that the show would undoubtedly be cancelled ‘in this day and age’, but added that “Johnny Bravo back in the day was hilarious.”

A third contended that Bravo’s stupidity was one of his characteristics, claiming he was intended to be a ’empty-headed a**hole’.

Whatever your feelings on the show, the last episode of Johnny Bravo broadcast 20 years ago, so anyone who wants to leave him in the past can do so.