In general, iPhone hacks can greatly simplify your life; the only challenging aspect is determining which hacks are worthwhile.

Even though Apple has introduced 20 iterations of the iPhone since its 2007 launch, a large number of people are still utterly unaware of the smartphone’s cunning tiny features, such as the recently added security setting or the so-called “vampire setting.”

But the ‘Back Tap’ feature is one that seems to have been there for donkeys.

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The ‘Back Tap’ feature on Apple devices has been around for a while and is quite useful for individuals who enjoy personalization.

Tech reviewer @ellyawesometech claims on TikTok that if you aren’t using the accessibility option on your iPhone, you aren’t using it correctly.

She wrote in the caption of the 2022 video that went viral, “Back Tap is an insane hidden iPhone feature!” It has received an incredible 2.5 million views on TikTok.

“You’re using your iPhone wrong if you’re not using the Back Tap feature,” the tech magnate said to her admirers.

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“Yes, there’s a secret button on the back of your iPhone.”

“I use Back Tap so I can Shazam a song in two seconds,” she said. “Observe that! We’re ready to go, listening.”

Basically, you can unlock a ton of shortcuts by using this function.

One shocked viewer commented on the video, saying, “Omg omg omg you have change my life forever.”

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“If you enable this feature for screenshotting, I’d recommend setting it to triple tap to avoid accidental screenshots,” another individual recommended.

A third, meanwhile, added: “Geek, set it to mute/unmute because the button on my phone doesn’t function. Much simpler than utilizing the small button on the screen.”

Curious? To get the most out of Back Tap on an iPhone, follow these instructions.

How to turn on the iPhone’s back tap:

First things first: an iPhone running iOS 14—which was published in September 2020—is required to enable Back Tap (sorry, Android users).

Upon obtaining the appropriate specification, navigate to Settings to activate the feature. Click ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Touch’.

The ‘Back Tap’ option should be visible if you scroll down.

Choose between the Double and Triple Tap options now, and select from a list of different actions that you can actually enable with a tap!

Imagine being able to double-tap to activate the Shazam feature.

It’s also possible to fast take a screenshot by triple tapping.

It’s also important to note that the double and triple settings can be individually controlled by your single Back Tap button.

After deciding which features to use, you should be able to access your preferred actions by touching the back of your phone two or three times.