Google-owned YouTube TV now has 8 million premium members, nearly doubling Disney rival Hulu + Live TV’s 4.6 million.

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan published the latest subscriber tally in a letter dated February 6, stating that the site now generates more than 1 billion hours of content per day across viewer televisions.

Mohan stated that the site has over 3 million channels in the YouTube Partner Program, which allows creators to make money on YouTube.

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“We paid over $70 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years,” Mohan said in a statement.

Indeed, according to Nielsen’s monthly The Gauge streaming indicator across U.S. home televisions, YouTube consistently ranks first, ahead of Netflix.

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Mohan stated that YouTube would soon bring out stronger artificial intelligence (AI) features such as AI-generated backdrops, allowing users to create better video content. Last year, YouTube introduced Dream Track, which allows producers to experiment with artificial intelligence in music video creation.

The technology is also used in YouTube Shorts, a video creation platform for phones and portable devices. Shorts receives more than 70 billion daily views, and the number of channels publishing Shorts has increased by 50% year on year, according to YouTube.

“AI should empower human creativity, not replace it,” Mohan wrote in a blog post. “And everyone should have access to AI tools that will push the boundaries of creative expression.”