Following the revelation of what transpired when a Tesla driver drove through a cemetery, people are taking to social media in terror.

Owning a high-end, electrical Tesla vehicle is great, but eventually, you’ll have to drive through or past a cemetery, and your Tesla Vision will start detecting things in your environment that you’d prefer not to see.

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Is a new horror film starring a Tesla speeding through a cemetery on the horizon, an homage to Elon Musk’s futuristic vehicle in Leave the World Behind? Here’s one that was created before.

Fernando Torraca, a social media influencer and fitness model, posted about his experience “driving a Tesla through a cemetery” on his Instagram page earlier this year.

The video starts in the sunshine and then switches to show his followers what transpired when he started driving out of the cemetery after it had grown dark outside.

Pointing to the Tesla’s screen, which displays a picture of the vehicle and its surroundings, an unexpected human figure can be seen strolling toward the car from the right side of the road.

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“Y’all, what the fk are you doing? Did you all fk see that? You can hear the influencer yelling.


So my uncle did this today at the cemetery 🤯🤯🤯 look closely you can see a dog !!!! #fypシ #ghost #tesla #cemetery #scarytiktoks #notfakenews

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Then, Torraca turns his camera to face his car’s window and shows that no one appears to be there.

When he looks back at the screen, he notices that the person’s figure has vanished.

Unfortunately, then another figure appears and then abruptly disappears, then another and… You get the idea, though.

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The video has the caption, “Some ghost was walking towards me.”

Resolving, the influencer can be heard saying, “That’s it, I’m leaving here.”

Social media users have not wasted any time in weighing in on the strange sightings by flooding the comments section. Caution: contains graphic language.

“It’s probably picking up all the tombstones labelling them as people,” an Instagram user said.

Another person said, “AI is already messing with humans.”

A third person wrote: “People have frequencies that ghosts use. You cannot see them because they exist in the bandwidth above most of you. These frequencies are detected by a ton of gear and AI.

“I understand that Tesla believes it’s the tomb stone, but sprinting to the car?,” remarked a fourth. I have never witnessed tombstones or rocks sprinting toward vehicles.”

A final was reached that read, “NEW CHANNEL: GHOST HUNTING WITH A TESLA.”