Eminem’s oldest opponent has fired back after the rapper dropped a diss tune about him.

Despite previously saying that he would not want to release any new songs after the age of 50, the real Slim Shady was not going to allow one of his rivals have the final say.

The 51-year-old recently revived a dispute with one of his oldest adversaries, taking aim in the only way he knows how – with a diss track, to which his rival has now responded.

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Lyrical Lemonade, actual name Cole Bennett, released his most recent album, All is Yellow, earlier this week on January 26.

And who should not only appear on but also partially create the music ‘Doomsday Pt.2’? Bennett’s pal Eminem, of course.

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Throughout the song, the rapper couldn’t help but take aim, bashing a fellow rapper and music producer in his lyrics.

The lyrics read: “Now I got a riddle (What?), one condition: don’t laugh (Okay) / What is the opposite of Benzino?” (Um, what?) A giraffe (haha). Go for his neck; what the f**k is that? (Yeah) / How can I go after something he doesn’t have? (Haha) / His arm is so short he can’t even reach his hands.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Eminem is referring to Benzino, real name Raymond Leon Scott, an American music producer and record label owner who previously co-owned magazine The Source.

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Eminem also comments on Benzino’s financial difficulties and criticizes his daughter, Coi Leray, 26, a rapper.

And it didn’t take long for Benzino to respond.

The two’s dispute began in the early 2000s, when Benzino leaked a recording of Eminem uttering the ‘N’ word.

Eminem officially apologized for the racial slur, and the leak reflected not only negatively on him, but also on Benzino, who resigned from his position at The Source.

Since then, the rappers haven’t seen eye to eye, either resorting to social media or relying on the power of music to call each other out – consider Benzino’s ‘Pull Your Skirt Up’ and ‘Die Another Day’, and Eminem’s ‘The Sauce’ and ‘Nail in the Coffin’.

And how did Benzino react to Eminem’s most recent hit? Of course, another song, with Benzino not holding back from criticizing Eminem’s drug overdose in ‘Vulturius’, which was released yesterday (January 28).

“Candy-ass Eminem, bh-a feminine/ Mad that he lacks pigmentation, all Valium’d up again. Aw, s*t, here we go, Benzino vs. Jim Crow/ Know a custy when I see one; how many times you overdose?” He raps. “Cracker on crack who rap/ But hate Black and it shows/ Invade our culture then insult us/ Time you get exposed.”

He also makes light of the death of Eminem’s friend and fellow rapper Proof, real name DeShaun Dupree Holton.

Benzino continues: “You a punk, planning my funeral? Please, shoot who? Square isn’t even going to circle the block for proof.”

Oh, and Benzino has decided to question Eminem’s sexuality.

“Trailer park swine bh, shit, you’re unhappy and alone/And we assume they cloned you/ You look odd, no matter how much Just For Men they put on you. Never spotted with a girl. Never seen with a bh. But I got a song called ‘What If I Was Gay’ with Joyner Lucas.”

It’s likely that Eminem will respond soon.