Following Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game, Brittany was spotted strolling with her spouse, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in a now-viral TikTok video shared by CBS. She then turned to a stadium worker and asked impolitely, “Where do we go from here?” while circling her finger.

One viewer said, “Mahomes wife needs to get off her high horse.”

Another person said, “It’s the where do we go from here with the finger twirl for me.”

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Indeed, Karen is, as another TikTok member commented.

“She is excessively…So much more,” said a second.

“Probably the same way everybody else is walking, Brittany,” an admirer teasingly proposed.

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Supporters also criticized Jackson, Patrick’s brother, for being there given that he had been arrested for sexual assault against a lady.

Take note of what I just said. Jackson is going to be the ruin of Patrick,” a follower said. “This wouldn’t be allowed by any other franchise.”

“Jackson Mahomes should be in jail,” was another addition.

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Neither Brittany nor her brother-in-law had been criticized for their actions before. After a purported multi-day stay at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood, TikToker Jessica O’Connor accused Brittany, 28, of failing to leave gratuities for every member of the hotel staff.

In a social media video from November 2023, O’Connor, who claimed to have worked at the hotel as a “server, barista, bartender,” and more, claimed that the incident occurred while Brittany was in town shopping for her wedding dress for her 2022 nuptials with the NFL player.

“In our initial meeting, she overspent by over $100. Regarding the purported incident, she claimed, “I think their tab was well over $100, maybe $130. She was with her whole entourage; Patrick wasn’t there.

“$0 tip.”