The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, are bound to their fourth Super Bowl in five years, notwithstanding their most turbulent NFL regular season and prevailing doubts regarding their collective strength.

The Baltimore Ravens were defeated by them in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, January 28.

“It is not something that is taken for granted,” Mahomes advised following the contest. “One never knows how many or if any of them they will eventually arrive at. As a result, doing it with these guys after everything we’ve been through all season is incredibly special. […] However, I informed them, “The task remains unfinished.” “Our current objective is to prepare ourselves to face a formidable football team in the Super Bowl in an attempt to earn that ring.”

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On February 11, the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to face a familiar opponent. Hours after the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers advanced by surmounting a 17-point halftime deficit to defeat the Detroit Lions 34-31. The 2020 Super Bowl, which the Chiefs won 31-20, will be played again.

Patrick Mahomes is seen in-game donning the white, red, and gold Kansas City Chiefs uniform, while Lamar Jackson is seen donning the purple, gold, and white Baltimore Ravens uniform.

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With this further bolstering his impressive resume, Patrick Mahomes has already initiated discussions with Tom Brady, an individual widely regarded as the “GOAT” in the NFL community. Each time he was named MVP of the Super Bowl, he secured the championship.

In addition, he has been named MVP of the regular season twice, a Pro Bowler six times, an Offensive Player of the Year once, a First Team All-Pro twice, and a Second Team All-Pro once. Furthermore, he has previously lead the NFL in passing touchdowns twice and passing yards once. The most remarkable aspect of these statistics is that he has only been a Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback for the past six seasons and is only 28 years old.

In the previous season, he participated in the inaugural Super Bowl matchup between two African American starting quarterbacks by facing the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts. It was the first time since the Chiefs’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game that two quarterbacks of African descent began. Given Mahomes’ apparent ease in creating history, it remains to be seen what additional milestones he surpasses or establishes by the time of Super Bowl LVIII.