According to a recent study from attention research firm Adelaide and smart TV manufacturer Vizio, viewers may not be paying for free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels, but they do seem to be paying attention.

According to the report, FAST channels outperformed all linked TV attention standards by a margin of 20% to 25%.

FAST networks outperformed linear TV by 35–40%, doing even better than traditional TV channels.

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The effectiveness of advertisements in a program and the degree to which viewers will follow them intently may now both be predicted using attention.

“These results refute the myth of inattention or lower value in FAST environments,” stated Devin Fallon, Vizio’s senior director of media insights and analytics. “Watchers are increasingly adding free services to their streaming bundles as subscription fatigue sets in, which assures advertisers that FAST environments can drive both upper and lower funnel ROI.”

The survey also discovered that, in terms of volume, FAST AU benchmarks are comparable to the largest AVOD and vMVPD apps.

A selection of the most popular apps from the FAST, AVOD, virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD), and linear TV ecosystems were examined by Vizio and Adelaide for the analysis.

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“As CTV advertising expands, it will be crucial for publishers to measure the quality of ad inventory using research-based methods, and we’re delighted to support progressive networks like Vizio in this endeavor,” stated Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide.

Adelaide’s builds its attention metric using a panel from TVision.

Adelaide computes attention in TV contexts by combining the TVision data with attributed upper- and lower-funnel results.