When Kelly Clarkson minimized her “Griselda” makeup makeover, Sofía Vergara was not amused.

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” host commented, “I feel like they only changed your nose or something,” to the actress during an interview about her new Netflix miniseries on Wednesday. The actress plays Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco.

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Vergara asked if Clarkson was “crazy,” and her reaction was obvious disbelief.

However, the vocalist of “Stronger” reiterated her remarks, stating, “It appears to be minor.” Do you understand what I mean? Like, it doesn’t look… “before the “Modern Family” alum interrupted her.

About the amount of time Vergara spent in the makeup chair, she remarked, “No, Kelly, it was hours.”

Clarkson persisted in her criticism, stating that although it “probably took time,” a “slight change completely changed [her] being.”

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The judge from “America’s Got Talent” then started to yell, “It was a wig!” with a raised voice. Get over it!

It was quite a bit. They really damaged me. She went on, “It was plastic from here to here. It was teeth, it was wig, and it was nose.”

The vocalist of “Because of You” finally started to retract her statements and adjust her tone.

She said, “They did such a good job that it looks seamless.” You literally look like you might be this person in a different movie. You just have a different appearance. It is possible for you to pursue two careers.

Vergara said, “No, Kelly, it was hours,” when asked how long it took to become a drug lord.

“You literally look like a different actress, like, playing the role,” the woman said. Your life might be completely different.

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With Clarkson’s revised justification, Vergara expressed her satisfaction to the TV presenter by saying, “That’s exactly what I wanted—that reaction.”

“You think she looks real? I am aware of the remarkable prosthetics, the “Hot Pursuit” star continued.

Vergara chastised a journalist who made fun of her accent earlier this month, demonstrating her apparent propensity of confronting journalists when they irritate her.

The native of Colombia had been on Pablo Motos’ Spanish chat show “El Hormiguero” when the host made fun of her pronunciation of the name of her previous series, “Modern Family.”

“How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States?” Vergara shot back at Motos. How many times were you nominated for a Golden Globe by them?

Netflix is now streaming “Griselda.”