The last few months have been difficult for Comcast.

The cable TV operator is facing another class action lawsuit following a large data breach in December that exposed its customers’ personal information, which most certainly included hashed passwords, contact information, the last four digits of social security numbers, and birth dates.

Following the discovery of the incident, Comcast stated that it “promptly patched and mitigated the vulnerability.”

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Plaintiff Raymond Goodrow claims that Comcast failed to appropriately secure and protect personally identifiable information during the hack, according to the lawsuit obtained by Top Class Actions. Goodrow went on to claim that while Comcast had the capacity to “take seriously the ‘obligation'” to protect its users’ information, it “failed to invest the time or resources necessary” to do so.

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Citrix, one of Comcast Xfinity’s software providers, is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. Citrix announced in October that it had discovered a vulnerability in one of its products used by Xfinity users and others. According to the report, Goodrow charges the software provider and Comcast of unjust enrichment, breach of implied contract, and carelessness.

Prior to Goodrow’s lawsuit, Comcast faced three more in December. The three separate filings all accused the cable operator of failing to adequately protect its users’ personal information.