If Jim Jones and any other musician from his era were to engage in a rap war, he would wager $100,000.

He put out the challenge for his classmates on Instagram earlier this week. In the video’s caption, he mentioned that his debut album came out in 2004.

He captioned his photo, saying, “This is for everyone of you old n****s lol I want smoke bad, except for my #LobbyBoyz @fitlitclub.” “Let’s start with $100,000 in any studio and perform it live so that people may judge us, haha. My debut record came out in 2004; let’s see who accepts this challenge from my era.

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He continued, saying, “Tell them old ns get in the studio,” in the entire video. All they are attempting to do is rap. You know nostalgia appeals to me, but that stuff is so dated. Step outside and have some fun. I am able to visit any studio I am at.Any one of you ns from my era can be cooked by me. I also purchased the matching bag. A public service announcement for 2024 is this. I’m giving you n****s from my generation all of my smoke. Lil Duval announced he would wager $20,000 on Fabolous in the comments section. Other fans mentioned Jadakiss, 50 Cent, Mase, and other celebrities. “Ghostface, Banks, All three Lox, 50, Cam, Mase, Ludacris, Busta, Eminem, Wayne just to name a few,” a user said. See Jones’ post down below.

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In October of last year, Jones’ most recent endeavor, Jim Jones Presents Byrdgang 2.0, was made available. On the project, he worked with a number of musicians, including YellowTapee, Keen Streetz, Dyce Payso, Melii, and Dilla Illa.