If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the cherished movie The Wizard of Oz. Storytime… Judy Garland plays a girl named Dorothy in the 1938 classic fantasy adventure.

She and her little terrier are carried away by a tornado to, well, Oz. Where she meets a few magical friends, and the rest is history. Well, one more thing. These ruby red shoes that Dorothy was wearing allowed her to return to Kansas.

Now that they’re back in the real world and not in Hollywood, those well-known ruby red slippers are practically invaluable. like CASH $3.5 million. The case pertaining to a smash-and-grab robbery that occurred in 2005 has finally been solved. One of the most famous movie props ever was stolen by Terry Jon Martin, a cold-blooded mobster.

The button guy acknowledged the theft. Check this out: he used a straightforward hammer to, as previously indicated, destroy the display case containing the shoes. Who had that idea? Anyway, the reason this guy attempted the escapade was because he believed the bedazzled shoes to be actual rubies, you know, jewels. With all due respect to the mobster, he’s not a total tool because the shoes were really insured for a cool $1 million.

The slippers were retrieved after they had done their dance around the fencing circuit back in 2018. Martin eventually entered a guilty plea to the theft after being apprehended. At seventy-six, he will not go to jail. As he is in a hospice and may not have much longer to live—six months, to be exact—the judge was lenient on him and essentially let him go. Either way, the case is resolved.