Although household TV ad views and airings increased in 2023, national TV advertising spend declined 4.7% to $43.71 billion from 2022.

For much of the first half of the year, there was broad slowness in the TV advertising market, particularly in short-term “scatter” market deals.

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There were also unflattering comparisons to the previous year, when the Winter Olympics broadcast and midterm elections were held.

The TV/media measuring organization said that national household impressions increased 1.8% to 8.5 trillion, while national TV commercial airings increased 2.2% to 44.5 million. Total national TV advertising minutes increased 2.2% to 18.4 million.

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Looking to meet brand demand in the face of falling linear TV reach and ratings points, the top four broadcast networks aired 2.9% extra minutes of national advertising in prime time in 2023.

While streaming platforms are quickly expanding, their advertising loads are far less than linear TV networks, at roughly five minutes per hour.

CBS leads the way with 7.2% of TV advertising impressions, followed by ABC at 6.5%, NBC at 5.5%, Fox News Channel at 3.8%, Ion Network at 2.7%, ESPN at 2.7%, and Fox Television Network at 2.5%.

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As expected, the NFL ranks first in terms of TV ad impressions across all four major broadcast TV networks (and their streaming platforms), with a 3% share.

College football earned a 1.7% share, followed by “Law & Order” (1.3%), NBC (1.2%), and “Friends,” “Good Morning America,” and “NCIS” (0.9% apiece).