According to a new study conducted by LG Ad Solutions, viewers desire a simple option to purchase the products they see in commercials on theirtelevisions.

47% of respondents say they’ve made a purchase after seeing a shoppable ad.

In its Shoppable TV Report: 2024 and Beyond, LG said that 53% of connected TV viewers

had a convenient way to purchase advertised products, and 63% desired they could see inventory from the store or brand on their TV.

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With the rise of smart TV and streaming, TV platforms and advertisers are focusing on T-commerce as an extension of their advertising campaigns.

“Most CTV users envision and desire a TV experience that enables them to easily purchase the products advertised to them,” LG Ad Solutions chief marketing officer Tony Marlow said. “The future of television is poised to be an immersive canvas of tailored, interactive experiences. We are entering an era in which television is more than simply a passive viewing device; it is also a dynamic platform for engagement, interaction, and buying.

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According to the report, 81% of CTV users are influenced by TV commercials when making purchasing decisions, and 63% frequently find new companies and goods through TV ads.
In addition, 47% of people had made a purchase after seeing a TV advertisement in the last three months. The majority of those consumers (56%) made a purchase with their mobile phone, followed by laptop/desktop (45%), in-store (31%), tablets (31%), and CTV (29%).

According to the LG survey, roughly 70% of viewers prefer TV advertising with QR codes. 38% are more inclined to make a purchase after scanning a QR code on a TV ad. Scanning a QR code to receive a discount appealed to 49% of respondents.

Viewers stated that they were most inclined to purchase clothing, apparel, or electronics through television.